PhD Students

Profile Name Thesis Title
team-img Adriana Mar The use of cooperative NZEB communities to improve the grid resilience
team-img Amineh Mazandarani <Telecommunications>
team-img Ana Correia A Paradigm Shift in the Design of Analog Circuits Targeting Nano-scale CMOS and Large-scale TFT Technologies
team-img André Lourenço <Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing>
team-img Andreia Artifice Smart System to enhance student's cognitive skills
team-img António Falcão Innovative Methods for Visualisation & Correlation of Large Scale Connected Object Data (TBC)
team-img Artem Nazarenko Collaborative cyber-physical systems
team-img Bruno Mozzaquatro Security Management Framework for the Internet of Things
team-img Carolina Oliveira <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Dário Pedro 3D Object Classification and tracking from Multirotor UAV Squad
team-img David Borges Design of low complexity receivers for massive MIMO systems
team-img Dora Gonçalves Análise Transiente de fotodíodos de a-Si:H para aplicações da optoelectrónica
team-img Duarte Alemão <Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing>
team-img Eduardo Pinto Cooperation in multi-ambient swarm robots
team-img Elena Baikova Transferência de Energia sem Contacto: Estudo das Emissões do Campo Elétrico
team-img Elsa Jesus Knowledge-based framework for an effective technology transfer from research to industry
team-img Fábio Januário Resilience on Supervision Systems over Heterogeneous Communication Networks
team-img Fernando Monteiro Smart Heritage Buildings Cooperation
team-img Francisco Marques Context-aware navigation for long lasting operation of multi-robot systems/td>
team-img Giovanni Di Orio Self-Adaptable production systems
team-img Helena Pereira <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Javaneh Ramezani Collaborative Networks and Disruptive Environments
team-img João Pedro Carvalho Land-cover classification using image texture dynamic features
team-img João Martins Using reconfigurable computing to improve the performance of massively parallel processing architectures
team-img José Ribeiro Exploração de diferentes semânticas na construção estruturada de modelos em redes de Petri e sua aplicação no desenvolvimento de sistemas embutidos
team-img José Rocha Embedded system design optimization using real time genetic algorithm hardware implementations
team-img José D`Oliveira <Energy>
team-img Kankam Adu-Kankam Optimization of virtual power plants response using a Collaborative Network approach
team-img Leonardo Martins Generator of simulated time-lapsed microscopy images of bacterial cells
team-img Luís Jorge Wireless power transfer in polyphase systems with optimized control
team-img Luís Tavares Optimal sparsity bases for Compressed Sensing application to Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing
team-img Luís Pires Ultra-low power RF CMOS digital transceiver using parametric signal conversion in nano-scale CMOS technology
team-img Majid Zamiri Mass Collaboration and Learning: Structure and Methods
team-img Miguel Fernandes A Wideband Current-Mode CMOS Receiver Employing a Novel Current-Controlled Oscillator Sigma-Delta ADC
team-img Miguel Mateus <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Miguel Teixeira Neuro-Inspired Ultra-low-power CMOS Electronic System (mW range) for ECG and BMI Applications
team-img Mohammad Julashokri Intelligent framework for interoperability in cyber-physical systems network
team-img Mohammadreza Alidoust <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Nastaran Ghalati <Data Mining>
team-img Nazanin Vafaei Data normalization in decision making processes
team-img Nuno Vilhena Contribution for the study of integration of the saturated cores fault current limiters in electrical distribution grids
team-img Nuno Pereira Design of Analog-to-Digital Converters with embedded mixing for ultra-low power radio receivers
team-img Paula Graça Performance Indicators for Collaborative Business Ecosystems
team-img Paulo Figueiras Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility
team-img Paulo Lourenço Amorphous Silicon Photonics Waveguides
team-img Pedro Monteiro An architecture and methodology for intelligent monitoring of systems
team-img Ricardo Peres An Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Approach for Evolvable Smart Systems
team-img Ricardo Mendonça Framework for swarm cognition
team-img Ricardo Almeida Blockchain in e-voting
team-img Ricardo Madeira Study of fully integrated energy harvesting power management units (PMUs) for internet of things (IoT) applications
team-img Rui Medeiros Wireless energy transfer for robotic purposes
team-img Shabnam Pasandideh A framework for designing resilient cyber physical social system
team-img Sonia Hosseinpour <Energy>
team-img Thais Baldissera Collaborative Business Services Evolution for Elderly Care
team-img Vasco Gomes A framework to support standard-based communication between the heterogeneous building-related systems
Other PhD Students
Adriano Manuel Alves Ferreira Kevin Pierre Nagorny Raquel Alexandra Abrantes Melo
Akashkumar Rajaram Luís Miguel Bentes Moita Flores Raul Figueiredo Cordeiro de Magalhães Correia
Edgar Miguel Felício Oliveira da Silva Luís Miguel do Rosário Irio Sebastian Scholze
Esmaeil Kondori Mário Rui Monteiro Marques Somayeh Abdollahvand
Fawaz Saleem Hassan Al-Jobory Miguel Pinto Campilho Gomes Tiago José Monteiro Baptista Cabral Ferreira
João Carlos de Fraga Gião da Silva Mohammad Reza Shahrokhi Yeganeh Vagner Savegnago Schaefer
Fawaz Saleem Hassan Al-Jobory Mohammadhassan Abdollahi Sofla
José Teixeira Gonçalves Nuno Miguel Mendes Correia