About Us

The Centre of Technology and Systems (CTS) addresses engineering systems with a cyber-physical dimension, including modeling and design, development of support technologies and methods, proposition of adequate governance models, application and assessment

CTS aims to develop theoretical and applied research and encourages technology transfer mostly supported by spin offs and deep involvement in international R&D projects.

CTS develops its activities in major domains of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, addressing engineered systems with a cyber-physical dimension and their supporting technologies. It is guided by an interdisciplinary aim, along 3 development axes:

  • Electronic and Embedded Systems
  • Energy and Industrial Systems
  • Computer Engineering Systems

Fundamental and applied research often appear in the same project, although with different weights depending on the specific nature of each project. Overall, the applied vector has been dominant. Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals is a key aim.


CTS is committed to:

  • Plan and conduct high quality research on advanced engineering systems [research excellence]
  • Create value and societal impact with research results [society engagement excellence]
  • Train the future generation of researchers in the area [education excellence].


CTS pursues its objectives guided by the following values:

  • Academic honesty and responsibility
  • Appreciation of excellence
  • Appraisal of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Respect for individual intellectual freedom
  • Attention to societal concerns, namely contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Main Institution

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Core Labs

  1. Micro/Nano-elect Design Lab (FCT NOVA Campus) is equipped for testing analog & mixed signal ICs in wide range of frequencies. A semi-automatic wire-bonding machine to assemble/connect CMOS prototype dies to PCBs, and a full Cadence/Mentor/Tanner Tools IC design & simulation package.

  2. Nanophysics & Nanotech Lab (FCT NOVA Campus) is pioneer in experimental work in scanning probe microscopy in combination with mass & laser spectroscopy.

  3. NovaFlex Lab (FCT NOVA Campus) includes: 2 assembly cells, automatic warehouse, & transportation subsystem. The cells are built around ABB IRB2000 + BOSCH SCARA robots and include tool exchange mechanisms.

  4. Micro/Nano-elect Processes Lab (ISEL/IPL campus) is equipped for optoelectronic characterization & prototyping in 3 main rooms (thin-film deposition, materials & films & devices charact. & develop), & a workshop for prototype fabrication.

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