PhD Students

Profile Name Thesis Title
team-img Adriana Mar The use of cooperative NZEB communities to improve the grid resilience
team-img Akashkumar Rajaram Telecommunications
team-img Alcides Teixeira Gonçalves Energy
team-img Amineh Mazandarani Telecommunications
team-img Ana Correia A Paradigm Shift in the Design of Analog Circuits Targeting Nano-scale CMOS and Large-scale TFT Technologies
team-img Andreia Artifice Smart System to enhance student's cognitive skills
team-img António Falcão Innovative Methods for Visualisation & Correlation of Large Scale Connected Object Data (TBC)
team-img Artem Nazarenko Collaborative cyber-physical systems
team-img Ayman Sabah PHY/MAC Design of Future Small Cells Adopting Multi-Packet Reception and Full-Duplex Communications
team-img Carolina Oliveira Model-driven development of dependable systems
team-img Daniel Dias Study of the impact of electric vehicles integration on energy flexibility
team-img Dário Pedro Collision Avoidance on Autonomous Vehicles utilizing Deep Neural Networks
team-img David Borges Design of low complexity receivers for massive MIMO systems
team-img Diyar Salah Fadhil Traffic Analytics for Packet Networks
team-img Duarte Alemão <Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing>
team-img Eduardo Pinto Cooperation in multi-ambient swarm robots
team-img Elsa Jesus Knowledge-based framework for an effective technology transfer from research to industry
team-img Fábio Lopes Industry Information Systems
team-img Fernando Monteiro Smart Heritage Buildings Cooperation
team-img Francisco Marques Context-aware navigation for long lasting operation of multi-robot systems
team-img Giovanni Di Orio Self-Adaptable production systems
team-img Guilherme Simões Calado de Brito Industry Information Systems
team-img Helena Pereira <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Humberto Queiroz Energy
team-img Masoomeh Ramezani Collaborative Networks and Disruptive Environments
team-img João Pires Computational and Perceptional Systems
team-img José Ribeiro Exploração de diferentes semânticas na construção estruturada de modelos em redes de Petri e sua aplicação no desenvolvimento de sistemas embutidos
team-img José Rocha Embedded system design optimization using real time genetic algorithm hardware implementations
team-img José D`Oliveira <Energy>
team-img Kankam Adu-Kankam Optimization of virtual power plants response using a Collaborative Network approach
team-img Luís Jimenez Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing
team-img Luís Jorge Wireless power transfer in polyphase systems with optimized control
team-img Luis Mateus Applying Knowledge Discovery to manage renewables distributed production
team-img Luís Tavares Optimal sparsity bases for Compressed Sensing application to Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing
team-img Luís Pires Ultra-low power RF CMOS digital transceiver using parametric signal conversion in nano-scale CMOS technology
team-img Majid Zamiri Mass Collaboration and Learning: Structure and Methods
team-img Miguel Fernandes A Wideband Current-Mode CMOS Receiver Employing a Novel Current-Controlled Oscillator Sigma-Delta ADC
team-img Miguel Mateus <Computational and Perceptional Systems>
team-img Miguel Teixeira Neuro-Inspired Ultra-low-power CMOS Electronic System (mW range) for ECG and BMI Applications
team-img Mohammad Julashokri Intelligent framework for interoperability in cyber-physical systems network
team-img Nastaran Ghalati <Data Mining>
team-img Nazanin Vafaei Data normalization in decision making processes
team-img Nuno Pereira Design of Analog-to-Digital Converters with embedded mixing for ultra-low power radio receivers
team-img Paula Graça Performance Indicators for Collaborative Business Ecosystems
team-img Paulo Figueiras Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility
team-img Paulo Lourenço Amorphous Silicon Photonics Waveguides
team-img Pedro Monteiro An architecture and methodology for intelligent monitoring of systems
team-img Peiman Nejad Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing
team-img Ricardo Almeida Blockchain in e-voting
team-img Ricardo Madeira Study of fully integrated energy harvesting power management units (PMUs) for internet of things (IoT) applications
team-img Ricardo Martins Cross-Layer Design for Secure Communications in Unmanned Vehicle Networks
team-img Shabnam Pasandideh A framework for designing resilient cyber physical social system
team-img Sonia Hosseinpour <Energy>
team-img Vasco Gomes A framework to support standard-based communication between the heterogeneous building-related systems
Other PhD Students
Adriano Manuel Alves Ferreira Akashkumar Rajaram Esmaeil Kondori
Fawaz Saleem Hassan Al-Jobory Miguel Pinto Campilho Gomes José Teixeira Gonçalves
João Carlos de Fraga Gião da Silva